State-of-the-Art Technologies

ArtiaBio uses state-of-the-art cell technologies to develop cell lines, manufacturing processes, and biotechnology products. The HyPerX, ArtiaBio proprietary cell culture process development platform contains specifically selected host cell lines, proprietary expression vectors, and highly productive cell culture media and feeds (chemically defined), as well as an optimized upstream and downstream process.

  • Cell Line Development: Parental cell lines and proprietary expression vectors with specific selection markers
  • Upstream Process Development: Chemically defined media and feeds, optimized fed-batch and perfusion systems
  • Downstream Process Development: 2-3 step downstream process
  • Analytical and Formulation Development
  • Process Scale-up

We have applied HyPerX technology successfully to several projects and delivered very productive cell culture processes. The performance of this platform met and, in most cases, exceeded the results obtained from available commercial platforms. With minimal optimization, high cell densities (30 MM/ml), high viabilities (>90%), and high titers (8-10 g/L) could be obtained in fed-batch cultures.

Proprietary Parental Cell Lines

ArtiaBio parental cell lines originate from well-established laboratories and they are specifically selected to grow in suspension and in serum-free medium.

  • CHO K1
  • CHO DG44
  • NS0
  • Sp2/0
ArtiaBio cells have the full history, pedigree, traceability, and safety profile required to meet the regulatory standards by FDA and EMA.

The ArtiaBio parental cells are originated from the same source of the cells used in all established biopharmaceutical processes

ArtiaBio provides the full documentation on these cells to the customers as part of the cell line and product development, and licensing activities. These cells have an excellent growth rate, reach very high cell densities, and are easy to handle.


ArtiaBio Perfusion Medium

ArtiaBio perfusion media achieves very high cell densities at minimum perfusion rates. This allows achieving high titers in the bioreactor. while maintaining high volumetric productivities


ArtiaBio perfusion media allows bioreactor equivalent product titers of 50 g/L! This result is possible due to optimally formulated propriatery media composition

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