Biosimilars: Our Speciality

ArtiaBio leadership has extensive expertise in biosimilars product development and ArtiaBio platform had been used in more than 6 biosimilar cell line and process development activities successfully. ArtiaBio has several advantages compared to competition as covered in this page.

Stiff competition in biosimilar product development requires speed, lower cost of development and lower COGs to be successful

Our Biosimilar Development Strategy

Biosimilars product development requires fingerprint biosimilarity to the innovator product. This is very difficult, as these products are made by living cells and as the manufacturing process can impact the product quality attributes. Product characterization during process development is critical to assure comparability while optimizing the productivity even at cell line development stage. We integrate product characterization work to cell line development workflow for the biosimilar product development. High throughput systems are used to identify first the pools then the clones with high productivity and high biosimilarity.


We Use the Same Parental Cell Line as Originator

Unlike most companies that rely exclusively only on CHO cells, we use the same parental cell line that the originator uses. This includes mouse myeloma cells such as NS0 and SP2/0. Even for CHO cells we use both CHO K1 and CHO DG44 cell lines to assure product comparability.

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