Your Partner in Biotherapeutic Development

We offer services for cell line development, process development, analytical characterization, and regulatory licensure. We have a network of experts in this area and we have access to cGMP manufacturing. Additionally, we have collaboration agreements in place to perform the development work, process scale-up, analytical characterization, and large-scale production.

GMP Ready Cell Line and Process Development

Our advanced development platform can be effectively used for:

  • Monoclonal antibodies (chimeric, humanized, and human)
  • Fusion proteins
  • Bi-specific antibodies
  • Blood coagulation factors (rFVII, rFVIII, rFIX)
  • Therapeutic enzymes
  • any other proteins

ArtiaBio platform can generate highly productive cell lines in CHO (both K1 and DG44), NS0 and SP2/0

With minimal or no optimization, the ArtiaBio technology platform yields high titers and high specific production rates


Robust parental cell lines, highly productive expression vectors, and an optimally streamlined process allows achieving very fast timelines. It is possible to complete all necessary steps from the initiation of cell line development (transfection of the cells) to initiate GMP production in less than 10 months. The stable and clonal cell lines can be generated in 3.5 months. In addition, the use of ArtiaBio media and feeds allows order of magnitude decrease in cost of goods (COGs).


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